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Setting a table can be an art form, but it requires attention to detail and the use of visual elements that grab the attention of your guests without overwhelming the space.  A great way to tie it all together is to create a color story with your table linens, dishes, and drinkware. We've pulled together a few groupings featuring products from our talented community of makers, designers, and merchants to help provide some inspiration for your next tablescape. 

DBO Home Summer Table

Photo: DBO HOME, Stucco Collection

Staying Neutral

We love DBO Home for everything tabletop, but we have a special fondness for the Remo & Battuto collections with leather accents. 

Pair the Remo Long Tray with the Hasami dishware in "Natural" sold by Covet & Lou and Hand-Loomed Wool Coasters from Tienda Salsita for a dreamy neutral tablescape. 

leather and ceramic tray

Cool, Calm & Collected

DBO Home has us covered in this category as well with the Kashmir collection.  We were lucky enough to get a peek inside the studio to see Dana at DBO Home make the XL Platter in this collection.  Make sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post.  Complete this look with table linens from Whitelodge Studio and serving utensils from Erica Moody Fine Metals.

blue tablescape

Bright & Sunny

Table linens from Whitelodge Studio come in the most stunning colors. Pair the citrus placemat & table runner from Whitelodge Studio with Gold Stripe Napkins from Goldie Home and Maison Balzac tumblers from Covet & Lou for a bright and sunny tablescape your guests won't soon forget. 

yellow napkins

Warm & Inviting

Another striking colorway from Whitelodge Studio is the terracotta color series.  The delicate transition of color in these pieces is the result of a hand-dying process.  All Whitelodge Studio products are made by hand in their Brooklyn, NY studio. 

orange napkins

Good in Green

The Seismic Wave Series from Dorangrichia Ceramics features beautiful green "lines" in functional white stoneware.  These pieces work great for everyday use, and they are made by hand in small batches by Deanna Dorangrichia in Central Pennsylvania. 

ceramic tray


Dana from DBO Home shows us how she creates her Kashmir XL Platter while Chef Paul Pearson of The Whiteheart Inn in Salisbury, CT shares plating techniques using the same finished platter.

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