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These black-owned shops are making their mark in the world of craft and design.   Shop these brands online and at look out for them at our Spring & Fall MRKTs

Johanna Howard Home

Johanna Howard Home

As a young girl in Stockholm, Sweden, Johanna sat in her mother’s atelier as she meticulously crafted dresses by hand. She learned to appreciate the quality and versatility that only handwork can achieve and the clean elegance of Scandinavian design. Johanna took these lessons with her to Los Angeles and New York where she became a successful Design Director, working for such companies as BCBG, Express, and Gap – and her accessible designs were worn by women all over the world. Now, Johanna has turned her eye to designing for the home. Through her travels, she has discovered incredibly talented artisans and collaborates with them to elevate their traditional craftsmanship with refined style. From master dyers in the highlands of Peru to weaving families in Portugal, she sees the possibilities of their traditional techniques and imagines them into her authentically uncommon products. The result is a magical marriage of cultures and creativity that connects the world to your home. Johanna owns the company together with her husband Vate and we live and work in Montclair NJ.

Frances Grey Hats

Frances Grey Hats

Designed by Debbie Lorenzo, each design embodies simplicity and timeless sophistication. Debbie, who is of Jamaican descent, was born and raised in a vibrant section of Queens, a borough of New York City that is energized by Caribbean heritage and spirit. This environment greatly informed her personal style and her inspiration as a designer today. After marrying young and raising three children, Debbie divorced and began to blaze her own trail, traveling the world and going back to school to pursue and complete a Master’s Degree in Social Work. After receiving her graduate degree, she began fulfilling work with organizations for social good, supporting women, children, and seniors. Not one to rest on her laurels, Debbie simultaneously enrolled in New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology’s millinery program to pursue another passion, cultivate her curiosity, and learn how to develop her design ideas. This creative energy awakened her love of textiles, color, fashion, and hats. These experiences imbued her with confidence, purpose, and a sense of self-worth, which would later become the platform she needed to launch her own business.


“Destiny is already written.”


Years prior to starting her own company, Debbie found her great-grandmother’s passport and knew it meant something special. The unique signature style on her travel documents, accompanied by a family picture as her photo identification, inspired Debbie to learn more about her and the life she led. 

That woman, Frances Grey, a seamstress from the beautiful island of Jamaica, would become the inspiration and namesake of this new line and woman-run business.

Frances Grey Hats

Spirited Cloth

Spirited Cloth is a handcrafted collection of home goods handmade in locales that inspire its founder, Donna Livingston.

Donna travels to each destination to ideate with artisans. Spirited Cloth's fair trade goods are a reflection of their origin, but also a canvas for your own story. 

We at Spirited Cloth believe the lives we create and the spaces we call home should reflect a global and personal narrative. Anything that is made by hand holds a spirit

D.Bryant Archie

D. Bryant Archie

D. BRYANT ARCHIE is a New York-based textile studio combining artistic, intelligent design with ancient handcraft. We work with global artisans to create handmade home textiles and accessories. Our goal is to improve people's lives and ensure handcrafts thrive. In 2005, on my honeymoon—inspired by the colors, textures, sounds, and smells of Marrakesh, I dreamt of a blanket collection—of statement pieces of artistic expression. Each blanket begins as a drawing and chosen yarn colors. I collaborate with Peruvian artisans to translate the 2-dimensional concept into a three-dimensional blanket. It’s a challenging process requiring us to invent ways to work within the bounds of the handloom. Sometimes we add embroidery to achieve a modern interpretation—such as in our chief blankets and pillows. The braided trim that appears on most of our blankets has become a signature feature. Each alpaca pillow is born from a respective blanket. I’m thankful—to work with global artisans employing centuries-old, indigenous techniques in the countries they originated. I’m grateful—our pieces may find a place in your home, your life.

Royal Jelly Harlem

Royal Jelly Harlem

Royal Jelly Harlem is an African-inspired clothing and home decorating line founded in 2011 by mother-daughter duo Teta and Maya Gorgoni. After many trips to West and South Africa, they were inspired by the artistry of the printed fabrics. These fabrics inspired an exciting new line of fashion and home décor that would become Royal Jelly Harlem.

Today, we have a full collection that has been featured on, Elle, Essence, and The Dig, and seen on celebrities including Taraji P. Henson, Keri Russell, Busy Phillips - and, this summer - our Duchess facemask was seen on HRH Meghan Markle. 

Royal Jelly Harlem calls attention to the diversity of the African continent and its culture, traditions, and art. We believe in maximizing the boldness of the fabric’s images and prints by designing pieces that embrace this art, and we help contribute to the growth and prosperity of Africa’s beautiful cultures by purchasing many of our materials from African vendors.

We are extremely proud of our 'Made in NYC' certification. Not only do we appreciate the impact we are having on our community—supplying jobs within the USA and fostering the artistic environment—but we are able to be hands-on throughout the entire process. 

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