8 Clean Beauty Brands That Call Upstate New York Home

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Whether it's farm-to-table restaurants or furniture makers, upstate New York has long been known as a mecca for makers conscientiously practicing their craft.

In the last few years, the region has also become a magnet for enterprising folks looking to make waves in the clean beauty space. And given the bounty of locally grown herbs and botanicals that can be sourced direct from the region's many farms for use in their products, it's no wonder.

While the category of clean beauty can be a wide one, it's a unifying approach to sourcing philosophy that has emerged to set these brands apart: a commitment to making products with local ingredients where possible and without potentially toxic substances or harm to animals.

From soap to perfume to face and body care and more, here are eight upstate clean beauty brands you should know.

Gentleman Farmer
Kelly + Jones
Phoenicia Soap
Apothecary Chronogram

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