Japanese Brose

Japanese Brose

This is our rift on the ancient drink, the “Athol Brose” (1475) which contained Scotch, Honey, Oatmeal Water & Cream. If you want a good laugh look up the origin of the Athol Brose.



2 oz. Japanese Malt Whiskey (Aiwai Tradition)

.75 oz. Honey Syrup* (3:1)

Chilled Salted Cream*



Makes 1 serving

Add Whiskey and Honey Syrup to a mixing glass over ice and stir until chilled.

Add Chilled Salted Cream to a shaker or plastic squeeze bottle and dry shake,
without ice, for ten seconds or more, to aerate but not whip into stiffness. It must
be lightened but still pourable.

Pour Whiskey Honey mixture into a stemmed glass and gently pour the crea onto the top of the drink.

For the Honey Syrup:
Add 1 part filtered water to 3 parts honey, stir until fully incorporated. Store in the fridge

For for Salted Cream:

Add ¼ teaspoon Sea Salt to ½ cup whipping or heavy cream, gently stir until salt is dissolved. Store in the fridge.



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