Classic Mignonette

Classic Mignonette 


1 medium size ball jar (approx. 15oz.)

1 bottle red wine vinegar

1 medium sized shallot

2 tablespoons ground black pepper

3 tablespoons organic sugar



Mince the shallot and mix into a ball jar with the black pepper and red wine vinegar. Add the sugar on top and stir it in until dissolved. Let sit for a few days so the vinegar soaks in the shallots and serve with freshly shucked oysters! Simple and delicious for a classic oyster accoutrement.



Oyster Party started organically when Kyle Needham (pictured) was shucking oysters at a friends party back in 2011. He quickly realized that as much as people loved eating oysters, not many actually knew how to shuck them properly. From there the idea to curate raw bars for private events was born! At the same time food markets all around NYC were just starting, and serving freshly shucked oysters to people there seemed only logical. In 2012 Samuel (right) came on board, and the duo started working together. Over the years we have grown into the staple for raw bar catering in NY, curating hundreds of raw bars and serving thousands of guests at food markets. Serving high quality oysters to clients in a thoughtful way has been the goal, and promise, ever since. Schedule you private party today!



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