Brekkie Sandwich

Brekkie Sandwich 


Two slices of Jon’s Rye Bread (or any sourdough or croissant)

Folded eggs

Vault no#5 aged cheddar cheese from Vermont

Homemade pesto


Grating cheese




To make your egg mix, whisk together enough eggs for as many sandwiches as you need and as much heavy cream to take the orange out of your eggs. 
Heat a pan with butter and sage in the oven, as soon as you can smell the butter, pull the pan out, add your egg mix and a pinch of salt and place back into oven. 
Place two pieces of bread on a sheet pan, layer cheese on either side, place in oven until cheese is melted.
Take out your cheesy bread, add a dollop of fresh herbed pesto on one side. Layer your folded egg (let it drop and fold it to fit onto the bread) on top of the pesto side of toast, add a drizzle of olive oil an grate some cheese all over it. Add a few cornichon on the side for some tang.  

Green Pesto:

Grab any herbs that are growing now, we started with cilantro and added ramps at the time of our first conception of this dish. Blend in a food processor with enough good olive oil to form a smooth paste, season and add a splash or two (or three) of a vinegar… we use fiery cider which has a delicious kick and sweetness.
This is completely different depending what we can get… basil works of course, arugula and radish shoots, garlic scapes and parsley… it can be anything! Also delicious stirred into hot pasta.



Village Coffee and Goods is a specialty coffee shop in Kingston, NY offering breakfast and lunch along with provisions for your pantry and home. 

Little Village, a spacious meeting space behind the café with a grand piano, is available for hire for meetings, parties, and events.

Keeping the community spirit alive, it will also serve as a backdrop for live music performances.

Mark Palmer and Anthea White are accomplished musicians who have moved to Kingston from Sydney, Australia, by way of Brooklyn. 

Mark has over 20 years experience as a barista. Notably, he spent two years working beside chef Jody Williams at Buvette, the beloved all-day bistro in the West Village of New York City.

Prior to moving to Kingston, Mark worked for several years at Toby’s Estate Coffee, where he continued to hone his barista skills and feed his passion for coffee.



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