Warwick Furnace Farm


Warwick Furnace Farm

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Warwick Furnace Farm is a family-owned and operated lavender farm in rural Glenmoore, Pennsylvania. The farm is located in the heart of the French Creek valley in Chester County, adjacent the historic Warwick Furnace dating back to 1738. The lavender is Certified Naturally Grown and is harvested, distilled and formulated into small batch essential oil and floral mists in a variety of scents, balancing floral facial toner, soothing lavender salves, calming botanical bath soak, as well as dried floral creations and crafts such as sachets, eye pillows, lavender wands, bundles and bouquets. We also have floral-inspired artwork in notecards and prints. Everything produced is all-natural, and handcrafted on the farm.

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