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Via Viaggio is a human-first brand deeply rooted in the soil and wisdom of our ancestors. Via Viaggio makes our world a better place by engaging and growing a community of curious, inspired wellness seekers who make a conscious choice to feel better by embracing mother nature and her centuries-old plants as a primary source for healing. One edible at a time, Via Viaggio helps realign our emotional, physical and spiritual energies to connect us to our truest selves, feel balanced and move forward with vitality, clarity and ease. We’re defined by function—and flavor—and believe what we eat should not only be good for us, but taste good, too. We use organic New York hand-harvested, high-dosage full-spectrum CBD and Brooklyn-blended, organic and wildcrafted adaptogens. Via Viaggio has been featured in New York magazine's The Cut and Grub Street as well as Edible Brooklyn.

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