Blinded By Color Project


Blinded By Color Project

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Caftans x Humanity. We celebrate life, craft & universal love through our collective journey in the creation of our bold, architectural & genderless collections. Working in harmony with nature and handmade ancestral process with its perfectly imperfect beauty as a sign of authenticity. Created in own studio in Barcelona or co-created with master artisans in India. Upholding natural dyes and heritage crafts which are essential to re-enforcing community’s history and culture, and contributing to the creation of sustainable livelihoods. BBCP requires layers of collective efforts - everybody involved in the cycle is interdependent on each other and the ecosystems. Through our nonprofit initiative BBCP Rainwater Foundation, 10% of our sales and 100% of all donations goes towards community based programs in water management & conservation, education, training and sustainable livelihood initiatives.

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