Favorite Things // Spring MRKT 2022

We asked a few friends of F+S to show us some of their favorite things from Spring MRKT 2022.  Check out the picks from folks at House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy, Edible Living, @bedfully, and others.

Sharon Ainsberg of @bedfully

We look to Sharon Ainsberg of @bedfully for all things sleep so we were very excited to see what she selected for her favorite picks at #SpringMRKT2022. Sharon's favorites include: 

- Spirited Cloth

- Flora Beauty

- Daniel Horton Furnishings

- Uniq'uity

- Leeway Home

Jo Saltz House Beautiful Field + Supply
Jo Saltz - Editorial Director, House Beautiful

We caught up with Jo Saltz of House Beautiful after a discussion panel that she hosted on smart investments during #SpringMRKT2022. 

Jo's favorites include: 

- House of Good Candles

- Borough Furnace

- Johanna Howard Home

Debbie Lorenzo Frances Grey Hats
Debbie Lorenzo of Frances Grey Hats

Debbie Lorenzo of France Grey Hats has such an amazing sense of style.  We were so happy that she shared a few of her favorites from #SpringMRKT2022.  Debbie's favorites include: 

- Hamilton & Adams

- Sabah Shoes

Robert Rufino,  House Beautiful,  Field + Supply
Robert Rufino - Style Director, House Beautiful

When Robert Rufino of House Beautiful says he's a fan of something, we're listening!  We were so interested to see what Robert would select.  Robert's picks include: 

- Clove & Creek

- Claudia Pearson

Arc Ceramics

Danielle Blundell, Apartment Therapy, Field + Supply
Danielle Blundell - Executive Home Director, Apartment Therapy

We were so happy to hear that Danielle Blundell of Apartment Therapy would be joining us for #SpringMRKT2022 and had a few minutes to show us her favorites from the weekend.  Danielle's picks include: 

- L'Impatience Ceramics

- Eleven Six Knitware

Cosmic Peace Studio

Hadley Keller,  House Beautiful, Field + Supply
Hadley Keller - Digital Director, House Beautiful

We had a great time at #SpringMRKT2022 with Hadley Keller of House Beautiful and we loved having her show us a few of her favorites from the weekend.  Hadley's picks include: 

- Flint & Kent

- Helen Prior

Fahari Bazaar

Ophelia & Indigo (dress Hadley is wearing) 

- House SFW

Leong Ong, The Falls, Field + Supply
Leong Ong - Founder / Designer, The Falls

Leong of The Falls has such a great eye for detail.  We were so happy when he agreed to show us a couple of his favorite things from #SpringMRKT2022.  Leon's picks include: 

- Umber & Ochre

Rural Modernist

Sarah Copeland, @edibleliving, Field + Supply
Sarah Copeland - @edibleliving / Author - Instant Family Meals, Every Day is Saturday

Sarah Copeland is a great friend of the F+S family and we always love seeing what she finds at the MRKT.  Sarah's picks include: 

- As Ever

- Lost Quarry


- Per Lei New York

Rough Draft

- The Upstate Table

Maya Gorgoni, Royal Jelly Harlem, Field + Supply
Maya Gorgoni - Founder / Designer, Royal Jelly Harlem

Maya of Royal Jelly Harlem has an electric personality and sense of style!  Maya was actually wearing two of the picks she features in her video! Maya's picks include: 

- The Falls

Paper Project

- flowerpsycho (crown she is wearing)

Justin Feinberg, Road to Nowhere, Field + Supply
Justin Feinberg - Founder / Designer - Road to Nowhere Clothing

We were excited to meet Justin and welcome Road to Nowhere to the F+S family at #SpringMRKT2022.  We love his style and noticed that he was wearing Mohinders shoes! Justin's picks include: 

- Mohinders

- Marvin Ruby

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