A Tip from Jamrock Jerk

A Tip from Jamrock Jerk

"When is comes to Jamaican Jerk, the first thing that often comes to mind is the seasonings and spices but occasionally the effective use of these seasonings and spices is often overlooked.  One of the most important steps in the process of preparation is 'marination' and herein is where this effective use becomes critically important as the meats must be marinated in these seasonings and spices for a  minimum of 24-48 hours. This extensive marination can be applied to just about any recipe which incorporates meats and is an integral aspect of Jamaican cuisine on a whole, so don't hold back, explore this option and we guarantee you'll discover flavors that you never knew existed in your kitchen!" -Jamrock Jerk




We are New York City's first legally permitted street cart equipped with grills and smokers necessary to produce the authentic Jamaican Jerk experience. We found our niche in 2016, gracing the streets with our island's flavors operating at local street fairs and festivals. In 2017 we set out to refine our operations with the knowledge we garnered from our 2016 startup. The goal was to curate a traditional yet unique quality driven experience, focused on delivering the island experience in every avenue possible. The streets welcomed us and we were able to deliver on our expectations. As we progressed throughout 2017 the lack of consistent legitimate representations of our cuisine in New York City's mobile food industry became more evident and that spurred a bubbling desire in us to fill that void and to embody that representation. As soon as our 2017 season ended we set out to create what would become the first of its kind in New York City, a legally permitted street cart furnished with the equipment necessary to produce the authentic 'Jamaican Jerk' experience, customized and contoured with the artistry synonymous with the islands. The city's streets embraced us once more in this new mode of operation, "finally" they said.  Throughout this journey we have had some of the most amazing experiences and solidified priceless relationships with some amazing people and organizations. 

As we continue to grow in our reach and in the diversification of our operations our focus remains on the authentic delivery of our island's flavors, through the unique and great tasting foods that are prepared and arranged in every platter, coupled with our never changing goal of providing a distinctive five star experience in streets with an immaculate level of service at it's finest. This is who we are at Jamrock Jerk and rest assured that our promise of the complete experience is one that we will stand by.

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