Samosa Shack

Samosa Shack makes artisanal samosas, a triangular fried or baked pastry with a savory filling, a popular snack in South Asia. The large-format, crispy, artisanal samosas have fillings that are both traditional and offbeat specializing in local and seasonal varieties!

"The story of Samosa Shack began with my mother, 35 years ago, when she started spicing potatoes and stuffing them in perfect little dough pockets. The result was a perfect snack, worthy enough to be a meal! After mastering my mom’s samosas I began to experiment with my own.

Through this came Kale Channa Masala, Sweet Potato Spinach, and endless other flavors. Samosa Shack puts a global artisanal twist on the ever-popular Indian street treat – the Samosa. Using Hudson Valley farm fresh seasonal ingredients, our treats can be found at various farmers markets, pop-ups, and catered events in New York and New Jersey."

129 Cornell St

Kingston, NY 12401
Entrance on Bryun Avenue across from the yellow building

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