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Lara Nadel was born in New York and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a fine arts degree. She began her post graduate work in an array of creative fields including advertising, costume design, styling and accessories design all while running her own successful jewelry company in Manhattan. In 2012, on a visit to a gallery where she was selling her work in Hudson, NY, she came across a series of handbags showcased and was anxious to meet the designer. The following day, a studio visit was the turning point of a lifelong work and business relationship with her now husband, Moses Nadel. Together they decided to hone their skill sets and created the brand; MOSES NADEL. “I chose to name the company MOSES NADEL for numerous reasons. Nadel means needle in German so it couldn’t be more apropos. Moses is a very strong name. I liked that. Also, I had a deep inclination that soon enough I would be joining the Nadel tribe.” They opened a bespoke makers workshop where they designed and crafted all of their products to order in Bushwick, NY. Recently, they relocated to Sea Cliff, a small coastal town on the north shore of Long Island where they have recreated MOSES NADEL atelier with a small team of local artisans who continue to tailor make every item one at a time. "Over the years the brand has matured and evolved in many unexpected ways. We started to work together creating leather and metal accessories and now we specialize in our own branded collection as well as luxury custom home interior products.” Our fundamental love for aesthetics and functionality is at the core of our creations. Our design process is very organic and involves extraordinary attention to elemental purity, artistic simplicity with an exceptional level of detail and refinement.

We work with interior designers, architects and design professional on residential and commercial projects. Although we craft most of our designs in leather, we encourage all creative custom commissions in a range of materials, which, as artisans help keep us fresh and inspired. For more information, click the contact button beneath our profile photo to reach us directly.

At the soul of MOSES NADEL we believe adorning our world with beauty is essential and empowering, and enriches a deeper connection between you and a well-curated lifestyle.
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