The Pleasures & Pitfalls When Creative Couples Collaborate - Discussion Panel Highlights


The Pleasures & Pitfalls When Creative Couples Collaborate - Discussion Panel Highlights

Design couples Erin and Brooks Reitz and Pilar Guzman and Chris Mitchell, respectively, made a big impact at our Holiday MRKT in Charleston, SC, last year. We poured Bloody Marys and sat down with both couples to discuss what it means to collaborate with a person in work and life, contemplating the parallels between their creative minds and meshing both into an everyday routine.

bloody mary

A little backstory on these creative duos — both join together to create beautiful, functional designs that perfectly blend style and practicality.

Brooks Reitz, a restaurateur, and Erin Reitz, a fashion designer, combine their industry and innovative skills to promote E.M. Reitz, a line of women’s clothing produced in New York. These designs mix modern and timeless elements, resulting in classic and contemporary styles.

brooks reitz speaking at bloodies & buddies workshop

On the other hand, Pilar Guzman and Chris Mitchell are experts in the art of patina. Their book, "Patina Modern," showcases their unique approach to home design, which emphasizes the beauty of natural aging and wear. They use materials that possess a rich history, such as reclaimed wood and vintage textiles, to create warm and inviting spaces that feel lived in and loved.

person reading "Patina Modern"

Each couple collaborates on every aspect of their projects, from concept to completion, bringing their unique perspectives and skills to the table. This combination of creativity and collaboration results in truly one-of-a-kind work.

As it goes, these creative couples do not just partner up in business but also in life. Some couples who work on business ventures together see more complexities. What does that mean for each of their relationships? The 3 big C’s: Commitment, compromise, and communication.

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You must balance your partnership properly to run a business and relationship effectively. Of course, both aspects have their ups and down, but full commitment, trust, and ability to converse openly help to prevent strains on the relationship and business arrangement.

From culminating a solid clothing line to designing timeless interiors and mastering the art of relationships in between, these creative couples truly know how to succeed together.

Learn more about “Patina Modern,” named Elle Decor’s Best Coffee Table Books to Gift in 2022 and praised by author Ina Garten and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Shop and see more of the E.M. Reitz clothing line.

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