Fahari Bazaar

Fahari Bazaar is a one-stop marketplace showcasing beautiful handmade products made by highly-skilled artisans from Tanzania. Fahari Wambura founded Fahari Bazaar with the goal of creating opportunities for women back home in Tanzania with a commitment to sourcing only the highest quality products directly from the people that make them. These beautiful handmade products are made to last and be treasured.

“Where I come from, the women carry a heavier load. They are responsible for nurturing the young, and caring for the old. They are tasked with keeping the family together, and making sure everyone is fed and clothed. My mother did this for our family. She was a loving, kind and giving human being.


As an African woman I understand the challenges these women face. I know how hard they work, I have witnessed the sacrifices they make, and I can relate to their struggle to work and make a living.

My hope is that through this business, I can support women by creating sustainable opportunities. This is my way of saying that I see their struggle and that I understand what they go through. This is my way of fulfilling my responsibility to them and keeping my mother’s spirit alive.”

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Wednesday - Friday


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50 Hudson Avenue

Chatham, New York 12037



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