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    Wild Blueberry + Organic Black Currant Syrup (16 drinks)

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    If you love wild blueberries, you'll be so happy you picked a bottle of our Wild Blueberries + Homegrown Organic Black Currants up. Simply add to Prosecco for a delectable Kir Royal, splash in seltzer, or really up that pancake game! Every single black currant is picked by hand, and organically grown in our orchard. Cheers!


    - only 8g sugar and 30 calories per serving!


    - 80% less sugar + calories compared to regular soda


    - vegan * naturally gluten-free * non-gmo * 100% natural


    enjoy a guilt-free, low-calorie, and healthy craft soda and elevate any cocktail by simply adding maya’s syrup. super fast, easy, and delicious!


    perfect for your soda stream and as cocktail mixer


    we never use artificial ingredients, ever!


    * no high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup or corn sugar* no artificial flavors or colors* no preservatives


    ingredients: homegrown black currants, blueberries, water, pure cane sugar, organic lemon juice. 


    please refrigerate after opening


    use 1/2 oz syrup per drink: 8oz original bottle = 16 drinks



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