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    Planter/Vase Set with Ikebana Lid - Alabaster

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    Designed for versatility, M+A's planter / vase set does double duty with aplomb. Comes with hand carved alabaster planter, glass insert, alabaster ikebana floral lid and polished brass stand. Shown here using all of the components. If you remove the floral lid and glass insert (not visible in photo) you are left with a planter that’s got a drainage hole which can be used with or without the brass stand.

    For maximum flexibility we recommend using a plastic liner pot straight from the plant shop when using as a planter for this style, so that you can easily lift it out when you want to add the glass liner + lid to convert it to a vase.

    Note: If you choose to put soil directly in the planter, you will get efflorescence along the vein lines (the salt in the stone migrates to the surface as with terracotta). We think that’s interesting, but for this style recommend using a plastic liner.

    It can also be used as a small lantern with great effect, by putting a glass votive candle inside.  (Remember to never leave a lit candle unattended).  And works well as a vessel to burn incense in when paired with our Incense Holder and without the lid.



    • Approximately 6” wide x 4 5/8” high, excluding base
    • There are 2 lid options to choose from.  One has 10 holes 3/8" diameter in a scattered pattern to place thin stems through, and the other has one central hole 1 7/8" in diameter that works well with flowers that have thick stems, or if you want to group a lot of thinner stemmed flowers together in a central arrangement.
    • Designed in New York by M+A NYC
    • Made in Agra, India



    • If you want to clean the alabaster just use cold water and a soft clean rag and wipe dry. Do not use really hot or boiling water as it will change the opaqueness of the stone and cause it to become more translucent.
    • If a patina is desired for the brass stand, just let the metal oxidize naturally and sit back and enjoy the show. For a polished brass finish clean brass components with a paste of baking soda and lemon juice; work the paste on with a soft cloth and rub in one direction; rinse and buff with a soft dry cloth.

      There is also a market product called "Brasso" that cleans brass quickly.




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