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    At Moran Woodworked Furniture, we seek to honor the natural beauty of wood through traditional craftsmanship, the commitment to sustainable material practices and a modern approach to design. We, Michael Moran and Celia Gibson, design and build our bespoke and limited edition furniture and sculpture one piece at a time, cutting every joint, chisel in hand, in our Hudson Valley, New York, workshop and home. Since opening in 2004 our work has extended from the smallest end tables to in-home libraries.

    From standing tree to finished furniture, our vision relies on an immersive, hands on participation through each considered part of the process. Our bespoke and edition furniture & sculpture begins with the material we choose to work with: sustainable wood. Our wood tells a story, and its history—where it stood and why it came down—is written in its grain and marks an obligation for us to use it thoughtfully and to share each unique story.

    We know exactly where every single piece of wood in our workshop has come from, where it grew.

    A collaboration is at work: natural characteristics, idiosyncrasies of individual boards drive our design decisions just as our designs inform the wood we consider for a project. We intend that each functional, custom work of art is a composition brought to life by the judicious selection and placement of sustainable wood. This collaboration assures longevity by employing time-tested joinery meant to last generations, offering a flexibly over time in changing conditions.

    We hope our compositions reflect a sense of timelessness seen through a modern lens.

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