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100% Cashmere

One size - 20 x 20 Inches

Down pillow insert

Production & Shipping:
SAVED prides itself on maintaining and supporting sustainable, cruelty-free cashmere, working with herders with over 2,000 years of tradition behind them.
Our goats are never sheared, but hand combed, a more timely but gentler method of collecting the precious fibers that go into all of our pieces. Each goat yields approximately 300 grams of raw cashmere of which only 60% is the soft down that is ready to spin.
The cashmere itself is naturally organic, from goat herds that roam in Mongolia. We work with a small collective of families who have been herding for generations in the Central and Western provinces. The goats are well treated and loved.
We use only the highest quality Mongolian cashmere. It is 100% First Grade, ranging between 16.4 to 16.7 microns.
We have several pieces that maintain the natural color of cashmere and any pieces that are dyed use dyes that are 100% Azo-free.
For our production, we are particularly pleased to partner with a predominantly women-owned and operated business. We utilize a variety of production methods, from machine knit to hand-knit, which is specified in the description of each piece. Even the machine knit pieces require a significant amount of hands-on interaction, so there will always be a measure of “handmade” in each piece we make.
Please allow 1 – 2 weeks of production time and delivery.
SAVED New York offers free ground shipping for all orders shipping within the continental U.S. For international orders, please email for a shipping quote.
Returns for store credit/exchange only within seven days after receiving orders.

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