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    LaBruna Skincare is a woman-owned business. We strive to produce skin care products that are as effective as they are clean. We like to think of our skincare as “food for the face” a way to “nourish yourself from the outside in.”

    One of my fondest memories takes place in my mother’s vegetable garden. I was four years old and helping her water her lively tomato vines. I remember questioning the varying green and red hues of the tomatoes before my mom picked off a bright, red drop and handed it to me while explaining the life cycle of a plant from just a tiny seedling to its buoyant, edible form. From that moment, I was hooked and enamored by the power of plants.

    My passion for food, ingredients, and wellness blossomed as I studied Nutrition and took up yoga teaching as an undergraduate student at NYU. As my knowledge about systemic health and the role nutrition plays in maintaining wellness expanded, I took an interest in our body’s largest organ, our skin. The importance of feeding our skin topically with the same vital phytonutrients we put into our bodies became my focus.

    For fun, I began crafting handmade body butters, face masks, serums, and scrubs. My dorm took on the appearance and essence of an apothecary as dried flowers, oils and beakers covered all surface areas. My identity on campus developed as friends and classmates came to my ‘wellness sanctuary’ for facials and private yoga sessions. As I grew more confident in my formulations, I packaged the products in simple glassware, wrapped them in tissue paper, and gifted them, thus igniting the beginning of LaBruna Skincare.

    With my passion for nutrition and yoga, I hope to cultivate a space where skincare, food, ingredients, plants, fitness, and self-care can work in symbiosis. I like to think of our skincare as “food for your face” and a way to “nourish yourself from the outside in.” Currently, I am obtaining my masters in Nutrition, so that I may bring the highest level of education and knowledge to my products, formulations, and clients.


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