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    got a taste of infinity in the Dead Sea

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    "like soaking in mineral mud"

    Neon bars creates beautiful and colorful soap bars handmade in Brussels with bespoke perfumes from the world renowned perfumers in Grasse, France.

    Dead Sea: The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. The saltiest lake on earth is in the world's lowest elevation on land and some experts believe it will have disappeared by 2050 due to constant evaporation. The mud along its shores is unique in its high concentration of minerals which are known for their healing benefits for our skin. Enjoy the gentle exfoliation of the Dead Sea perfume bar with Dead Sea mud and look forward to smooth and moisturized skin. Relax your mind and body with the pleasing scent of this perfume bar!

    The power of the sense of smell and its unique connection to emotions and memories, enable perfumes to help us leave our ordinary course and to embrace a state of mind that is responsive and open for creative imagination. Find your focus and define your goals with this meditative experience!

    Enjoy a relaxing and heavenly perfumed shower without the use of ANY PLASTICS in the packaging. Help our planet without compromising on quality by switching to neon soap bars. 


    Cruelty Free
    Soap base 100% vegan and plant-based
    You soap and we donate 5% of profits to organizations that save our planet. Every soap counts!
    Our packaging is certified compostable and marine biodegradable (incl. shipping materials)


    Additional information:

    Weight: 7.00 Ounces

    Directions: Massage the perfume bar in your wet hands or directly onto your body until you have a thick lather. The more you massage, the creamier your lather is. After rinsing and drying yourself, you can enjoy clean, moisturized and slightly perfumed skin.

    Ingredients: Glycerin (plant-based), Water, Sodium Stearate (plant-based), Sorbitol (plant-based), Propylene Glycol (plant-based), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (plant-based), Sodium Laurate (plant-based), Fragrance, Sea Silt Extract, Sodium Chloride (plant-based), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (plant-based), Stearic Acid (plant-based), Lauric Acid (plant-based), Pentasodium Pentetate (plant-based), Tetrasodium Etidronate (plant-based), 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol, DMDM Hydantoin, Titanium Dioxide.

    Care: We recommend storing the perfume bars on a soap dish and let them dry between usage.

    Handmade in Belgium


    *If you would like to try specific soap bars, leave us a comment in your order and we will make sure to include the chosen ones as travel gifts.


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