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    We were so glad that Bill Hovard could join us for a special F+S Live broadcast to talk about Hudson Made and his "Farm to Body" philosophy.  If you missed the broadcast, you can replay it now.

    Hudson Made Apothecary Rose Body Milk with a Mildly Intoxicating Scent of Rose, Patchouli, Rose geranium and Cinnamon Leaf. Rose has Long Been Shown to Improve Skin Texture and Soothe Irritated Skin. Our Mildly Scented, Light, Quick Absorbing, and Moisturizing Body Milk Offers Powerful Hydration While Balancing the Skin and Giving a Smoother Appearance.
    Hudson Made Workers Exfoliating Body Bar with a Strapping Scent of Cedar, Patchouli and Tobacco.
    Hudson Made Rose, Patchouli, Cinnamon Leaf Apothecary Rose Body Box with Body Milk, Body bar, and Sea Sponge
    Hudson Made Barber Box Set Includes 1 each of the Cedar Clove Beard and Shave Soap, Beard and Shave Oil, and All-Purpose Body Balm. Ships in Gift box and Sealed with Branded Sticker.
    Hudson Made Workers Box Gift Set with Energizing Morning Shift Body Wash, 2 Bars of Tobacco Workers Soap and one Charcoal Ceramic Soap Dish

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