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    TRY IT - Travel Pack of 5 - Choose any 5 soaps!

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    Beautiful and colorful soap bars handmade in Brussels with bespoke perfumes from the world-renowned perfumers in Grasse, France.

    You are not sure what scent to get? No problem! Choose any 5 soaps in our practical travel size pack!

    The default selection are the 5 best sellers, in case you'd like a suggestion.

    The best-sellers are:

    New York - like relaxing in an expensive spa

    Paris - like passing your favorite perfume store

    Dead Sea - like soaking in mineral mud

    Vermont - like listening to a meadow of hemp

    Havana - like touring a leather store smelling tobacco

    To make your own selection, just order the product and leave us a comment below with the 5 scents you would like to try!

    Please see below list of all available scents:

    Barbados - like enjoying the sweetest oranges and grapefruits
    Black Forest - like eating ripe pears
    Dead Sea - like soaking in mineral mud
    Egypt - like meditating surrounded by calendula flowers
    Paris - like passing your favorite perfumery
    Istanbul - like biting into a sweet apricot
    Tulum - like crossing an amaranth plantation
    Peru - like cutting a fresh leave of aloe vera
    Key West - like getting lost in orange blossoms
    Provence - like walking a lavender field
    New York - like relaxing in a lavish spa
    Ivory Coast - like finding your favorite amber perfume
    Rome - like discovering woody notes and fresh peppercorn
    Maui - like dreaming of the freshest lemon verbena
    Havana - like visiting a leather tannery smelling fresh tobacco
    Valley of Flowers - like lying in a bed of roses
    Nice - like passing a field of verbena flowers
    Vermont - like listening to a meadow of hemp
    London - like fancying English fern
    Montauk - like admiring citrus and rosemary herbs
    Marrakesh - like smelling sweet figs in a spice market
    Rio - like rolling in butter caramel
    Singapore - like seducing your senses with oud
    Mediterranean Sea - like feeling the ocean breeze
    Venice Beach - fresh like walking out of a gym
    Costa Rica - like rubbing my nose in a vas of neroli, bergamot, and amber
    Cyprus - like strolling through mountain cedar
    Milky Way - like rambling through rose fields in summer
    Kyoto - like enjoying fresh green tea
    Santorini - like watching the sea under an olive tree
    Monterey - like enjoying a frozen berries cocktail
    Australia - like inhaling crushed tea tree leaves
    took my first bath - unscented
    Shampoo bar - wash off the day
    Shampoo bar - start with a fresh mind


    Cruelty Free
    Soap base 100% vegan and plant-based
    You soap and we donate 5% of profits to organizations that save our planet. Every soap counts!
    Our packaging is certified compostable and marine biodegradable (incl. shipping materials)




    Other Details

    Weight: 8.00 Ounces in total

    Directions: Massage the perfume bar in your wet hands or directly onto your body until you have a thick lather. The more you massage, the creamier your lather is. After rinsing and drying yourself, you can enjoy clean, moisturized and slightly perfumed skin.

    Care: We recommend storing the perfume bars on a soap dish and let them dry between usage.

    Handmade in Belgium


    Please see the ingredients of each chosen soap bar on the specific page of the soap bar.



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