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Konstanze Zeller invites you to submerge your senses using the intoxicating elixir. The Sensual Supreme Powder from Cocorau. 
This delightful Elixir whose powders combine to ignite your very passion for life itself are yours, for your pleasure. In brief, Konstanze carefully did a combination of both aphrodisiac and adaptogenic herbs & plants.
The ingredients are Epimedium and Cistanche, with a sprinkling of the exotic spices of cardamom and vanilla. Surrender yourself to this lascivious blend of Immortal Elixir Powder!

We dare you to ignite!

Ingredients: Cistanche^, Reishi*, Raw Cacao*, Epimedium^, Red Beet Powder*,Monk Sugar*, Polygala^, Maca^, Schisandra*,Cardamon* (*organic)(^wild sourced)

Minimum 1 tsp mix until dissolved in 5oz of liquid of your choice. Don't be afraid to use more.
Preferable in vegan milks, tea or water.

NET WT 1. 8 OZ. (50g)

Pearl Powder, The Salt Water Pearls crushed into a powder gives the look of porcelain to the skin, Regenerating the collagen already found in the skin. Pearl Powder therefore helps maintain the skins make up. The result being translucent skin creating the jewel like quality like pearl is renowned for. Face the world in beauty for all to see

Epimedium This Asian species finds itself as acting as both flower and plant. In essence it contains the flavonoid Icariin, reputed to produce aphrodisiac effects. We at Cocorau are excited to introduce this adaptogen into our Sensual Supreme Immortal Elixir. Overall it energizes the body in succulent ways!
Moreover, Epimedium has three names. It is also commonly referenced as, that being, Horny Goat Weed, Bishop’s Hat and Fairy Wings. The functions of this perennial are numerous, in turn, allows the body to perform at it’s peak. As an antioxidant, Epimedium provides protection to mitochondria, organelles in our cells that produce chemical energy. Used commonly by TCM practitioners for overall immune boosting function and enhancement of sexual health.
In summary, your world rises up to experience sensuality in every sense of the word!

Welcome to your highest self!

Polygala This Ancient root targets the sensual vitality of ones own essence. As it assist in the transporting of energy flow between the kidney and the heart. In addition the essential function of Polygala is used to stimulate the lower organs, in turn, creating the fire essential to ones creativity.

Cistanche In brief, we call this the king of the desert. As it is also known in the world of herbs. It is a superior kidney tonic. The kidney reign supreme in the kingdom of the body. Cistanche is commonly used to promote sensual power and virility. Life enhancing it is, surely! 

Reishi This magnificent mushroom rejuvenates the mind and, as a result, the body. Reishi mushroom provides strength and agility therefore optimizes ones lifespan. Consequently, COCORAU incorporated Reishi into The Sensual Supreme Elixir. Thus providing support to the function of each organ to perform on there maximum level.  

Raw Cacao Powder Equally important I would say, Raw Cacao Powder is a natural aphrodisiac. After all it is containing a stimulating chemical known as phenylethylamine, that stimulates the sense of excitement and well being.

Cardamon is without doubt traditional medicine lists cardamom as a powerful aphrodisiac.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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