Behind the Scenes

Fifth Annual Kingston
Design Showhouse

Photo: Phil Mansfield, Room Design: creatures of place

Field + Supply founder Brad Ford joined the founder of Kingston Design Showhouse Maryline Damour, to discuss the inspiration behind the 2022 Kingston Design Showhouse.  This once forgotten Victorian-style home was purchased by a young family who recently moved to the area and turned the house over to the Kingston Design Connection to use as the location for the 2022 Showhouse. 

Photo: Phil Mansfield, Room Design: Simone Eisold

“It’s simple,” she tells Brad. “The inspiration behind the Kingston Design Showhouse was born out of my desire to foster local development and, through the Kingston Design Connection, showcase the talents of local designers, artists, makers, contractors, and vendors. These incredible creators collaborate and create something beautifully unique that also benefits the community.”

Slideshow photos: Phil Mansfield

“The annual Kingston Design Showhouse,” she continues, “is a key program that achieves the goal of building community through design. The showhouse annually inspires the most creative and skilled talent in the Hudson Valley while strengthening the local economy.”

Once the showhouse ends, the new custom kitchen and bathroom will remain for the homeowners as well as new landscaping, wallpaper and paint. The furnishings and artwork will be returned to artists and makers who created them for the Showhouse.

We grabbed some short video footage while touring the showhouse

Proceeds from the Kingston Design Showhouse benefit Ulster County Habitat for Humanity, which plans to build three local homes each year in Hudson Valley.

This is Last Weekend to Attend

Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to be inspired and benefit the community. Join us at the Kingston Design showhouse through Saturday, October 22, from noon to 5 PM. Tickets must be purchased in advance!

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