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    7 Tips for Better Sleep from Bedfully

    7 Tips for Better Sleep from Bedfully

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    1. Stay Cool

    Test your temperature to find out which is most comfortable for you. Around 70° F (20° C) is best for most people.   

    2. Breathing for Bedtime

    We recommend Ujjayi Breathing "Breath of the Ocean" Breath in through your nose 4 counts and hold; gently close off the back of your throat & exhale all of the air out through your nose for 8 counts. Repeat 3 times.   

    3. White Noise Works

    The consistency of a "white noise" sound that a white noise machine makes creates a masking effect of other sounds. It not only helps you fall asleep but it helps you stay asleep.   

    4. Lights Out... all of them.

    Darken your bedroom -- completely.  Studies have found that even small things - like the glow of your clock or LED's from another device can reduce your overall quality of sleep.   

    5. Exercise.  That's right, exercise.

    Regular exercisers fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.  Even a moderate-intensity workout like a brisk walk can improve sleep among people with chronic insomnia.   

    6. Word and number puzzles

    Word & Number puzzles not only feed and sharpen your brain, but they take your mind off of the stresses of the day.  They can be a great way to tire out your eyes and your mind and send you off to a good night's sleep.   

    7. Lovely, lovely lavender

    Lavender is great for helping people fall asleep. It decreases heart rate and blood pressure making your body and mind relaxed and ready to fall asleep

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